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Yamil Baptista

Game Designer & Developer | Embedded Electronics Enthusiast



Yamil Baptista

Game Designer & Developer | Embedded Electronics Enthusiast

Welcome to my portfolio! I have recently graduated from the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in ICT & Game Design and Technology. I am passionate about creating and designing games. Creating gameplay that immerses the player is what I love the most. On this site, you will have an insight into some of the projects I have finished and also
learn a bit about me. Follow me on social media for regular updates!




Intern - Building and Testing Automation

09.2019 - 02.2020

My graduation internship at Ziango was a unique experience. I was given full responsibility to develop this project from start to finish. During this project I decided on and stuck to a methodical process which allowed me to completely redefine and integrate Ziango’s deployment process, changing their fully manual process to a fully automated process. I also created a tool for Ziango that automatically plays their games, finds bugs, and reports useful data back to the testers and developers.

Sparkling Society

Intern - UWP Development

02.2017 - 06.2017

My internship at the Sparkling Society was and incredible experience. Not only was I able to observe the inner-workings of a real-life development studio, but I was also able to apply my skills within this environment.

My main task was to research and design a strategy for deploying the Sparkling Society’s pre-existing and future games to the UWP platform. At the end of my internship I had successfully deployed two existing games to UWP with a third following soon after.

Fontys University of Applied Science

Game Design & Technology

02.2014 - 02.2020

During this course I have learned and applied many different strategies related to video game development.
Some of the skills learned during this course:

  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • Sound Design
  • Level Design

During the course of my education, I have also made multiple small games exploring the skills listed above. Some of these games are shown in my portfolio.  

Fontys University of Applied Science

ICT & Technology

02.2014 - 06.2019

ICT & Technology focuses on learning the essentials  of designing and developing embedded software. In this course I learned multiple processes and skills which simulate real life projects with clients. Furthermore, this course has taught me how to design and develop reliable and maintainable software by doing projects in collaboration with major companies in the industry such as Philips and Altran.

Programming Skills
Intermediate 85%
Intermediate 75%
Student 60%
Hobbyist 50%
Hobbyist 45%
Web Development
Hobbyist 45%
Designer Skills
Adobe Illustrator25
Adobe Photoshop67
Fusion 36025
Adobe Premiere17
Autodesk Maya17
Language Skills